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31 August 2010


All the below Masterfood Company Chocolate Products (Mars) are no longer Halal. They started using Animal product rennet(pork) in it for products that have expiry date after 1 st of October 2007.

Check this article from BBC News
And this from the Vegetarian Society

·    Bounty
·     Celebrations
·     Dove Chocolate
·    Flyte
·     Galaxy
·     Kudos (North America)
·     Lockets
·     M-Azing (North America)
·     Maltesers
·     M&M's
·    Mars Bar
·     Mars Delight
·     Milky Way
·     Minstrels (UK only)
·     Mars Planets (newly inroduced in UK)
·     Skittles
·     Snickers (The top-selling candy bar in the United States. Known in the UK as Marathon until 1990.)
·    Starbur st (Originally Opal Fruits in the UK .)
·     3 Musketeers ( North America )
·     Topic
·     Twix
·     Snicker's Marathon Energy Bar
·     AquaDrops

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